Re: Wrong cable... How bad is it?


On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 10:39 AM, demianm_1 wrote:

It depends on what you are calibrating for. If it was a VNA I would say start
over.. For a scope and a short cable you may see some odd overshoot but in
typical use the scope input is 1 Meg and the cable is short so it may have no
impact. Check between a 50 Ohm and a 75 Ohm cable and see if you do see a
difference in what you are looking at.
No VNA´s, just Tek scopes when the procedures ask for a 50ohm cable.
The cables I used are relatively short, about 1m long actually, or about 40´´.
If I have to go through everything again, that would be bad...

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