Re: Waking a slumbering 475


You can get replacement feet from a guy on eBay by the name of n0dy-jeff based in southern CA. I've had a set each for my 465B and 475, as the originals go crumbly with age.

Scuffing to the display is probably to the perspex screen cover - I've used some stuff called Novus Acrylic Scratch Remover & Cleaner to get light marking/scuffing off. It takes a good deal of buffing but does seem to work.

As for the delay time knob, my 465B which I've had since 1995 has just a Tek plastic knob, whereas the 475 has the vernier one. Both look like they've been on since new but who knows.

As to whether you should run it up on a variac, I'll leave that to the jury; I tend to on old valve stuff and anything I'm uneasy with. So far I've not had exploding tantalums though.

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