Re: 549 transformer question


As a long ago veteran of the TV repair craft, flybacks rarely failed without some other circuit or component failure or very adverse operating conditions. How many times has anyone seen carbonized cockroaches shorting out and frying a Tektronix HV transformer? Or, a horizontal output tube lose drive and truly melt down taking the flyback with it? Color sets were worse, with the higher voltages and much higher beam current and deflection power needed.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 2/8/21 16:09, Chuck Harris wrote:

Flybacks failed, but it was a pretty rare happening
when you consider the massive number of TV's that
were made. I have had dozens of TV sets from the '60s
onward, that never suffered a flyback failure.

What percentage of the sets you serviced got a new flyback?

I would guess less than 1%.

Ask the same question of folks that have scopes that left
the factory with the brown epoxy impregnated HVT's, and I
think you will find 50 to 75% either already have a replaced
HVT, or are nursing one along until someone (hopefully me)
starts winding again.

-Chuck Harris

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