Re: 2465B CH1,2 compression

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Hi Jon,

The calibration routine compensates for the gain of the
CH1 and CH2 preamp/attenuators, and adjusts a bias level
to aid the transient performance, but there is nothing
in the stored calibration data that would prevent a scope
from displaying a waveform with pretty good fidelity.

-Chuck Harris

Jean-Paul wrote:

Dear Chuck rebonjour,

I thought so, and tested CH2 out at rear panel BNC, direct from CH2 preamp hybrid, it was perfect.

Before I pay $120 or more for the channel switch hybrid, I will swap out from a know working scope.

My other point: In the CAL procedure is there a vert CAL that somehow affects bias or other voltage dependent parameters in this hybrid? If yes can this be an off CAL symptom: I am using a swapped A5 at the moment with definitely wrong CAL parameters.

I really need a parts donor 2465B!


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