TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade

Giuseppe Marullo

Hi all,
just joined.

Owner of a Rigol 1054z, satisfied user for what I am currently doing (especially for the price!) .

Being a 50/100MHz with 1Gs/s bw scope, I wanted to explore other options to increase visibility of higher frequencies, and glitches.

Would a TDS510 or TDS460A be a big improvement?

I don't understand if they are also a higher analog bandwidth/analog scope or it is just the sampling that makes them display higher frequencies (periodic waveforms?). They can reach greater vertical resolution if I understand correctly.

Or should I stick to old good 350MHz like Tektronix 485 (just analog)?

I am not interested in digitizing the waveform, even though a GPIB dump of the screen would be nice (but for lower frequencies the 1054z does it nicely).

Budget is tight, not for professional use, second hand offering in EU is limited compared to US.

Thanks in advance.

Giuseppe Marullo

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