Re: sighting: Beaverton-built 5110 Mod 709V for Bently Nevada


On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 08:17 AM, Paul McClay wrote:

Is "L vs H" correct for the 5B10N switch mod? That seems odd when the function I assume, Left vertical amp vs _not_ Horizontal sweep.
Yes off course it should be L vs R

Are "Description", "Bandwidth" & "Calibration" same-level headings? Or Description & Calibration with Bandwidth under Description? Or otherwise?
I'm not sure understand the question correctly .... but here is what is said about Calibration:


Calibrate the same as standard with the following additions regarding offset.

Check OFFSET for ±15 volts in all Volts/Div positions.

1. Ground amplifier inputs and set display in center screen with
OFFSET in OFF position, and Volts/Div in .5 Volt/Div position.

2.Turn OFFSET to ON position and position trace 1 cm above center
screen. Plus .5 volts OFFSET.

3. Change Volts/Div to .2 position. Trace should now be 2-1/2 cm
above center screen. If trace shifts toward center screen instead,
offset strap on board is in wrong position. Strap should be in
position #2.


Calibrate this instrument the same as standard except as follows:

1. Variable TIME/DIV is deleted - no checks required.

2. Fully ccw position of TIME/DIV switch used to be EXT INPUT .5 VOLTS
PER DIV. This feature is deleted and is now marked L vs R (left vertical versus
right vertical). In this position check to see that -30 volts is present at
contact A-12 of interface connector. Voltage should not appear at A-12 in any
other position of timing switch.


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