2465B CTT options board faults


Bonjour a tous:
Working on SN B062 2465B, GPIB and CTT/WR options.
Faults in CTT option. Affects triggering.

All cables are correctly attached to options board,
A5 board is not at fault, SMD leaks and damages repaired, swapping other good A5 does not remove fault and removing options board clears the fault.

Turn on test Test 05, Fail 42 LINE TRIG signal to the Trigger hybrid.
Line sig is OK and trig hybrid U500 can be replaced with no changes.

CTT test errors:
81 fail 03
82 fail 3F
83 fail 30
84 fail 40
85 fail 03
86 fail 02
87 fail 58

The 5 pages flow charts of option serv man do not point to a good procedure.
I suspect that the EEPROM on options board U5930 27515 may have bad data.

Note: NO TV or HDTV options, no REF FREQ ext in, only CTT/WR.
GPIB on separate board seems OK and no effect to insert or remove GPIB.

Any experience or assistance on CTT board faults greatly appreciated.

Mille mercis!


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