Re: Tektronix 7b92a shuts down crt & graticule illumination on 7904 mainframe

Ed Breya

Reinhard said: "No sense hunting around all over. I would suggest go to the 7B92's connector in the back and directly check the power pins to ground."

I believe this is an alternative to my suggested method. You can indeed go through all the steps methodically, but to me, it's a lot easier to quickly check all the Ta caps in a plug-in, than it is look through the manual, determine which supply has the problem, identify the parts, and trace the power buses through the actual circuitry. I've been there and done that - it's a PITA, which is why I came up with my random direct search method. You know in advance what you're looking for, and it's easy to identify and poke around and check dozens of caps in less time (at least for me) than it takes to search around the manual and figure out where to start.After you've found the culprits, then you go to the manual and figure out what's what for replacement parts. You don't even need the schematics, and you don't have to care about which supply is affected - it's all about simply and quickly finding the bad caps, which are mostly right in front of your eyes, only an ohmmeter check away.

Try it both ways and see.


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