Re: sighting: Beaverton-built 5110 Mod 709V for Bently Nevada


On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 08:47 AM, Paul McClay wrote:

Anyone here know anything more?
From the mod 709V manual:

This manual describes MOD 709V as it applies to the
TEKTRONIX 5110 Single Beam Oscilloscope. MOD 709V
adds a new circuit board for X-Y operation using Right
Vertical versus Left Vertical. Using a TEKTRONIX 5B10N
MOD 709V Time Base plug-in unit, the SECONDS/DIV or
VOLTS/DIV switch is turned to the L versus R position
actuating a switching relay mounted in the mainframe. This
bypasses the normal sweep function of the 5B10N, allowing
for a Left Vertical versus Right Vertical X-Y display. The
display unit portion of the 5110 is supplied with an
illuminated graticule with a special implosion shield, and an
AC coupled EXT INTENSITY INPUT via a yellow binding post
at the front panel.
Bandwidth: Maximum horizontal deflection bandwidth
(using a 5A15N or 5A18N amplifier) is reduced by
approximately 300 kHz by the added wiring. Bandwidth (-3 dB)
for X-axis deflection from either the center or right compartment
is 1.7 MHz minimum. The Y-axis specification is unchanged.

Check the interconnecting wiring to the added X-Y circuit board,
then calibrate MOD 709V according to the procedure in the 5110
Instruction Manual.


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