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These photos are a mix of Leds and tek stock lamps. The bottom Module has been replaced. As there was a test it is an incredibly brute force method. As for the procedure of replacement it is as simple as switching out a lamp. I used a 3mm soft white LED to get a high forward voltage. I have not found a place to add a current limiting resister so I was doing the current limit with front control of the 576. The lamps use a 5V buss and the grounds are switched for the control that that is convenient for the mod.

I think this is the LED that I have in there

It is convient to have a 3.1V forward to drop a LOT of the voltage with out burning out the LED. As evident by the pictures the LEDS are bright. At 3mm they will fit in to the existing light pipe holes In the photos I have just used the intensity controls to adjust the brightness of the leds and the lamps no other mods have been done to the board. I would like to fine out if there is a global current limit resister that could be adjusted to protect the LEDS from a careless tech. cranking the knob to high. I also checked that green leds worked as well but I only had 2 or 3 for a proof of concept.


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Are those all the same type LED but just run on different amounts of current? Can you give us the details on the LED type and the current involved and what you had to do to mount the LEDs in place of the lamps?

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