Re: Slightly OT: OK Electronics tinyscope


A question for the group. Does anyone know what the smallest CRT made (in
more than a single curiosity or lab item) is? I think I have a candidate. I
will take a photo of it the next time I can get to it. It is one of the CRT
numeric displays but smaller than the Nimo one. The tube is rectangular and
is mounted to a board with, surprisingly, an IC. I have never seen another
of these, but I do not think it was a one-off.

Steve Horii

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 2:54 PM Greg Muir via <big_sky_explorer=> wrote:

I know that this a wee bit off-topic but I also know that there are a
bunch of “tinyscope” people out there who deviate from Tek products purely
to experience the Lilliputian world.

Found on ePay:


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