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Tiny scope thread - I have a NIM (nuclear instrumentation module) that is
an oscilloscope that goes in a NIM bin for power. It uses some small Lemo
coax connectors for the inputs. Unfortunately not working and I have not
had time to work on it and have not been able to find a manual for it. I
had not seen one of these before I found it (surplus). The CRT is about
1.5" diagonal. No idea what the bandwidth is but NIM stuff is designed for
pulse work. When I was working with the nuclear medicine physics guys, an
engineer I worked with put together a complete thyroid scanning system
using NIM modules. It was not very difficult, actually - the scintillator
head, high-voltage supply for the PMT in it, and machinery to move the head
were already there - the Department needed a replacement for the
no-longer-supported electronics. We just had to show the biomed folks that
the leakage current was basically zero and they pronounced it safe to use
on people. The clinical physics guys did their tests of energy
discrimination, count accuracy, thyroid phantom tests, etc. and it passed
their tests also so it could be used for diagnostic work. NIM has some neat
modules if you are working with nuclear instrumentation but things like the
high voltage power supplies, pulse counters, pulse-height discriminators,
coincidence detectors, etc. could be useful in other domains.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 5:42 PM greenboxmaven via <ka2ivy=> wrote:

I like and collect the tiny scopes and TVs. There is little doubt the
Tektronix 2XX series are better than most of the others and tend to have
more screen area for the size of the case. I have an NLS, and have seen
many other tiny scopes over the years. Most of the others I have seen
were made by American companies I had never heard of before or since and
were bought with great expectations then quickly relagated to the
storage shelf or closet when their limitations were realized. The price
on the one offered is beyond all reason for me, but others may be
willing. The NLS , Sinclair, and Tektronix tubes are all direct
heated, I wonder what their ruggedness and longevity is compared to
indirectly heated.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 2/2/21 15:47, Dave Voorhis wrote:
On 2 Feb 2021, at 19:54, Greg Muir via <big_sky_explorer=> wrote:

I know that this a wee bit off-topic but I also know that there are a
bunch of “tinyscope” people out there who deviate from Tek products purely
to experience the Lilliputian world.

Found on ePay:
I’ve got one, bought for considerably less on eBay. It’s a fun but not
particularly useful gadget, but makes a nice addition to the collection and
a notable size contrast when I park it beside my 549.

My Tek 222, which isn’t much bigger, is a much better tool.

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