Re: Extracting a buggered knob grubscrew

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

I went back into their terms and conditions, and they say that
they sell wholesale to businesses, but will sell retail to individuals...
for retail prices.

I recall that when I opened my account with them, they were B to B, and
insisted that I provide them with either bank references for my business,
or a business checking account check. They were put off because I gave
them my business credit card... but they accepted it for opening the

So, I guess things have changed since the 1980's.

Even at their supposed wholesale prices, they are one of the most
expensive places I have ever bought from.

-Chuck Harris

Chris Wilkson via wrote:

Grainger does sell to individuals. I've purchased one-off items from multiple locations.
They're expensive, but they've saved me on more than one occasion.

On the other end of the budget...Harbor Freight sells a 13-piece HSS left hand drill bit set for under $9.
I have these and they worked to remove the set screw from an arcade Pong control knob when *nothing* else would.
Thing had Coke spilled all through it 40 years ago and it set up like concrete. And corroded all the metal pretty badly.


On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 08:17 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:

Grainger is a B-to-B only store. They won't sell to you,
from their stores, unless you have a business, and an account.

They are easier to deal with over the internet.

-Chuck Harris

Dale Chayes wrote:
Historically (I haven’t bought from either in 4-5 years) you will get a
significantly better price from McMaster or Grainger if you create an account.
I have no financial connection to either (other than spending my money there

On the left-hand drilling front, use high quality (high speed steel - HSS)
bits, some light lubricant to save the drill bits, go slowly, and carefully -
drilling out broken off 1/2” bolts is another matter….

I think the heat and vibration generated by the drilling process also
contribute to loosening stuck threads.


On Feb 2, 2021, at 10:54 , Bruce Atwood <CCDman1@...> wrote:

With regard to left hand drill bits, at the Ohio State Imaging Sciences Lab
our motto was, when it comes to mechanicals: "If McMaster doesn't have it, you
don't need it".

Keep them separate from the RH drill bits because running a drill bit
backwards will dull it very rapidly.

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