Re: Wanted: Tek 576 computer control Tek module Option card & info


rick wrote:

.....Quoting directly from the published article,
regarding the Tek 576 Programmable Fixture Option:

" ... you can access all connectors and wiring to control the TEK576 by computer, using some USB relay cards.
May be you don't know, but most settings are relay controlled anyway. So when you choose 20V per division,
it's just some relays you operate, also when you use the rotate knob. The knob itself doesn't do the switching,
but it switches the relays. WIth the programmable fixture you can access all those relays yourself. "
You are quoting from some random blog post, not from any kind of officially published article. As has already been said, it is very unlikely that an option ever existed to "program" the 576 remotely from a computer, even though (or if) the switches do not directly change the settings of the device but, instead, operate internal relays (again, some random blog post can not be considered "authoritative").

If you look at the scanned catalog description of the 576 at the top of the blog entry you will not find any mention of a remote or computer programming option. Consulting the 1990 catalog entry for the 576 similarly reveals no mention of a programmable fixture option, so your repeated pleas for information are pointless.

Also, IF a "programmable fixture option" ever existed it is likely that it did not do what you wish it did: in all likelihood the "programmable" part of such an option would rewire the test fixture for different components under test, not "program" the curve tracer from a remote computer.

-- Jeff Dutky

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