Wanted: Tek 576 computer control Tek module Option card & info


Apologies if this has already been asked, or is well known:

Is there some Tektronix Option card or module that was made by Tek to operate the Tek 576 Curve Tracer via computer ?
-- If so,

Does anyone have the Board & manual, schematic & photos of this board ?
I would like to do this with my 576.

Please contact me off-list !

I noticed in the recently posted article, that the author describes a little known Tek 576 Option for this:
But, no detailed information.


" ... All of this becomes very handy when the 576 is programmed EXTERNALLY. Many are not aware of this option! So when you remove the hand-operated unit from the bottom right, you can replace it by a card unit. The card unit will automatically do the complete settings, and you will see that on the dot matrix display. With some technical skills, I think it is not even difficult to operate a TEK576 from a computer that way. All you need is the programmable module, it had all connectors. ... "

thank you,

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