Re: 7104 readout issue

Sean Turner


All good advice. Personally, I guess the readouts really aren't that critical. I get used to not having any when using older scopes like my 585A!

Maybe I'll just not worry about beyond checking for obvious problems (dirty or stuck switch contacts, for instance).


On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 04:07 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

Hi Sean,

I remember now. My 7104 spends most of its time, all dressed
up, with no place to go... So, it is not one of the scopes that
I am most familiar with.

If you look on the front panel, you will see an outlined area that
has two intensity pots (A and B), a READOUT intensity pot, and two
push buttons for the readout.

The one button is marked +GATE or OFF, and sets the readout to be on
at the end of the GATE signal, or off. The other push button is
marked "MAN", which causes the readout to be on always.

Something there is probably in the wrong position, or misbehaving.

Also, I keep my plugins off of AUTO on my 7104. Because of the
MCP's limited life, you do not want to be wasting it with continuous
readout display, or baseline display. I keep my readout in "GATE"
mode, so it is off if the sweep isn't being triggered.

Typically, I also keep the A and B intensity turned off when the
scope is off, to avoid intensity flair during turn on.

-Chuck Harris

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