Re: An informative web site for test equipment repairs

Roy Thistle

On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 10:55 PM, Bob Albert wrote:

I read through most of that.
His collection looks like the undergraduate physics labs storeroom, before enough profs died that they could empty it out... for 1 cent (or less) on the dollar. (... a lot went straight onto Ebay... but, not for 1 cent on the dollar.)
He has... what the lit theory types like to call... "a voice" ... so it's not altogether an un-entertaining read.
I suppose that it's worth a control S; but, there are a lot better sources for repair info... for much of this stuff... on et. al.
One thing... if someone reading his blog (sort of a blog).... if someone reading it has the inclination to throw out a Tek plugin because a tunnel diode popped... please consider throwing it my way.

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