Re: An informative web site for test equipment repairs

Bob Albert

I won't argue.  He does however back down on his rating of Tek at one point.
We are all entitled to opinions and he was patently exercising his entitlement.  More authoritative than most, as he has had a lot of hands on experience.
Nevertheless I enjoyed the read.
Bob On Friday, January 29, 2021, 10:13:23 PM PST, Bob Albert via <> wrote:

I read through most of that.  At the appropriate place he mentions buying an HP 5245L that had been erroneously described as a 5345 and when he complained he got his money back and kept the counter.  I was probably the guy who made the costly error and refunded his money but didn't want to add to my losses by paying for return shipping.
I had another 5245L that I finally got rid of to a friend and now have a 5328A that I pieced together from three bad units, luckily including the 10811 ovenized oscillator.

On Friday, January 29, 2021, 07:21:21 PM PST, John Williams <> wrote:

I had a quick look and may be some interesting stuff there for someone. However he just spent too much verbiage on berating Tektronix. People like that piss me off. I always wonder what they contributed to the world. So I can’t recommend the site to members of the forum. Just mt nickels worth.

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