Re: An informative web site for test equipment repairs

Bob Albert

I read through most of that.  At the appropriate place he mentions buying an HP 5245L that had been erroneously described as a 5345 and when he complained he got his money back and kept the counter.  I was probably the guy who made the costly error and refunded his money but didn't want to add to my losses by paying for return shipping.
I had another 5245L that I finally got rid of to a friend and now have a 5328A that I pieced together from three bad units, luckily including the 10811 ovenized oscillator.

On Friday, January 29, 2021, 07:21:21 PM PST, John Williams <> wrote:

I had a quick look and may be some interesting stuff there for someone. However he just spent too much verbiage on berating Tektronix. People like that piss me off. I always wonder what they contributed to the world. So I can’t recommend the site to members of the forum. Just mt nickels worth.

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