Tek 576 possible power supply failure


Hi all,

I spent some covid-time to clear up a collection of tubes I have in my basement, untouched for 25 years or so.
Now I intent to analyse some of them with my 576 in some way...

Only the 576 isn't working anymore. It had a HV transformer replacement some years ago (see here: http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=112106) with a full alignment.
Now when I switch it on it comes on for some time (a minute or so some months ago, now only 1-2 seconds) then the beam disappears, if it had the time to appear, with the clicking of some relays. Readout lamps go off, too. What remains is the mains indicator bulb and the graticule light.

Yesterday I opened it up and made some measurements. Power consumption is down to 20-30 Watts (instead of 80), and practically all voltages are down and stay down (measured against chassis ground as indicated by the manual).

Since all supplies seem to depend on all others in that unit: if they are all down, is it the 100V supply the one to start with?


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