Tek 7904 Display Problem

Don Crano <donc@...>

Hi All

My old faithful 7904 has started to have a little problem with the display.

It will run for hours or days with no problem. Then it will start to drift
the display up and down, this is the trace/s and readouts as well. Note this
is not on oscillation up and down. It will shift up for awhile, then drop
down lower then it should be for awhile. I am talking about a 1/2 CM or so.
Everything is always on screen, it just gets annoying after awhile.

I found I can turn off the readouts and it will stop. Turn the readouts back
on, and it will be fine again for a few hours or days.

Any ideas what might be going on and where to start looking before I tear
into it.


BTW Hi Mark Gurries glad to see you on the list.

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