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I managed to find a printed copy of this manual. I was surprised at its
size - it is at least two inches thick. It is thicker than the service
manual for the 7L5 spectrum analyzer. The 2336 brochure (see TekWiki) does
say that the purchase price includes both the operator's guide and service
manual. The operator's manual is quite slim and designed to fit in the
accessory pouch. It may be more extensive if it was being sold to the US
military because of the requirements for the Operator Organizational Field
and Depot Maintenance Manuals (a rather clumsy initialism: OOFDMM) however,
these usually carry a Technical Manual (TM) number.

Steve H.

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 9:06 PM Dave Peterson via <davidpinsf=> wrote:

I suspect it's a combination of price, market demand, and the shift away
from customer serviceability.
Was it markedly more expensive for features that most buyers didn't have a
lot of utility for? I'm just getting started on the CTM functionality. Not
exactly a frequency counter, not exactly a multimeter. I can see it being
perceived as an unnecessary extravagance at the time. I have no knowledge
of the price differences between these 2200 series models at the time. I'm
personally enjoying it, but I'm hardly typical.
Was the service manual an on request thing, that also possibly/probably
cost extra? The front page of the 2236 service manual starts with "Warning
Following ... for qualified personnel only ...". Nothing of the sort in the
465 manual. Don't know if the 465s came with the service manual or if it
was an on request thing.
I was a 400 series user in the 80's, but never a Tek customer (Army). So
all above is just wonderings and supposition on my part. I can't say I'm
terribly surprised.
The seller responded through eBay and is looking into the viability of
making a hard copy. In the meantime I'm muddling along with the online
PDFs. Thank goodness for those who've made these available.

On Friday, January 22, 2021, 04:38:27 PM PST, Jeff Dutky <> wrote:

I don't understand why the service manual for this particular scope is so
hard to find, when the service manuals for older scopes are relatively
common. This was not a particularly expensive scope for its day; you would
think it would have been fairly popular.

The scopes themselves are also relatively uncommon, at least judging by
the number we see on eBay. Was there a reason that these didn't sell in
large numbers?

-- Jeff Dutky

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