Re: Peter Keller's books are going VIA AIR MAIL

Thomas S. Knutsen

My copy to Norway was delivered today. Much pleased with the quality of the


ons. 20. jan. 2021 kl. 02:14 skrev momemeca <>:

Hello Dennis,
My signed copy of Peter Keller's excellent book was delivered this morning
(Australian Standard Eastern Time).
It is such a beautiful book in itself only bettered by the technical and
historical contents.
Thank you for your diligent work in bringing this to fruition, despite the
frustrating challenges along the way. All for a good cause and, I am sure,
most appreciated by all who ordered a copy.
I, for one, can say that this book will hold pride of place in my
technical library.
Finally, please pass on my sincere thanks to Peter, firstly, for for his
excellent work and, secondly, for taking the time to autograph my copy.


Rick (RLG - Somerville AUS).

On 8 Jan 2021, at 17:39, Dennis Tillman W7pF <>

One more detail I forgot to mention:

The international orders for Peter's book are all sent via AIR MAIL so
should arrive fairly quickly even though they are going around the world
many cases.

Dennis Tillman

With Best regards, Thomas S. Knutsen.

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