Re: NPN-PNP diff pairs; Was 2235 Horizontal Calibration Issue

Dave Peterson

I'm an HSpice jockey. I'd love a look at your LTSpice model and come up to speed on component simulation (vs. IC MOS simulation).

On Thursday, January 21, 2021, 04:05:35 PM PST, Ozan <ozan_g@...> wrote:

I put together a representative LTSpice schematic. Sim shows the optimized ramp-up response, most of the current drive at highest ramp (5ns/div with x10 mag) is supplied by the caps at the emitters. It is also interesting that the NPN/PNP pair is good old 2n3904/2n3906, the circuit gets the last drop of performance out of them.

If there is interest I can post the LTspice schematic.

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