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They were. We received most of the service's first generation
letter sorters as scrap 10 years ago. I loved the 2 inch thick
aluminum plates they used as their chassis... 200 lbs of aluminum!

Packages are handled in a totally different manner, and are the
post office's first priority, as packages are where they make
most of their money.

More likely, the hold up is due to the postal service being forbidden
from using overtime. There was quite an overtime fraud racket going
on in the postal service. Workers were charging 12 to 16 hour days,
6 days per week. They were making more in overtime than their regular
wages. I think the stoppages are more of a union protest thing.

-Chuck Harris

Michael A. Terrell wrote:

Weren't the machines that they retired from the first generation, that were
installed 30 years ago? I remember them being installed in Central Florida
at that time. We got frantic phone calls from the sorting center looking
for some very specific trim pots to repair the brand new machines before
they could be pressed into service. That generation of machines was always
problematic, and should have been replaced years ago. I was working forr a
resource recovery business who wholesaled surplus parts and equipment to
the area's surplus dealers. Some of the components were already EOL, when
the machines were built.

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