Re: TM500 Module Construction Details


"I don't know why, on a forum, that is dedicated to helping people keep/restore classic Tektronix, we are discussing a project that could contribute to helping people destroy them"

Have you been to ham swap meets, or looked at eBay pricing of 5000 series modules? Most are nearly worthless are are routinely passed up by almost everybody. When 7K stuff is so cheap, why would anybody want Tek's budget line product? Jared's well thought out project makes excellent use of these discarded, unwanted modules.

I just bought two working (but basically useless) Tek NTSC 1700 series vectorscopes off eBay with the express purpose of salvaging parts from them to keep a far more useful 760 audio monitor working. By your lights, the 3 units should have been left alone? These are not museum pieces, but tools. Your priorities are a bit strange...

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