Re: 2465 DMS operators manual


Well, I had a second look at the option 1 service manual, and I'm becoming more pleased with its coverage of operating the DMM. I also managed an option 1 operators manual on eBay, so I guess I've got as much information as I could want on the DMM.

I'd still be interested in knowing whether there was a reference card specifically for the DMS version of the scope. The only ones I've found on-line are for the un-optioned 2445/2465.

Also, I know it's hard to find protective covers for the 2400 series scopes, though there seem to be a few on eBay for the regular 2445/2465. Was there a special cover for the 2465 DMS? Would the non-DMS cover fit on a DMS version scope?

Without a cover I have carved my own from a block of closed-cell packing foam. It doesn't stay on very well, but it lets me stand the scope on its face for disassembly without damaging the knobs.

-- Jeff Dutky

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