Re: 577 Bad CRT?

Harvey White

Just suspicions, but.....

If the flashes are aperiodic, with no relationship to anything, then I'd suspect something is breaking down.  Sadly, you'd need an HV probe and a scope to see what voltages are peaking.  I'd suspect that whatever it is reduces the grid-cathode bias to zero (or even positive, so no idea).

If they are periodic, then you can try to find out what is causing the problem (first half of curve, for instance, but no idea how that could happen), then track it down from there.


On 1/17/2021 7:37 PM, DW wrote:
I have a interesting issue with a 577 D1 storage CRT where random portions of the trace will flash brightly at random times on the screen. I tried turning the brightness to minimum where the trace disappears but the flashing still occurs where the trace is located. Is this a symptom of a CRT going bad? Thanks

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