Re: In search of holdoff pot for 2235


can you post a link to a picture of the pot? Is it an RV6 mil-style pot, a mod-pot (which allen bradley sold to Clarostat) or something different. Perhaps someone has something that fits?

--rick chinn

At 05:45 PM 1/15/2021, you wrote:
Due to a freak accident, the shaft of the Variable Holdoff potentiometer broke and I need to replace it. The details are:
R9521 311-2146-00 Res, Var, Nonwir: 50 ohm, 20% 0.5W CM41773
It is a Clairstat p/n.
After doing a number of google searches, I am coming up empty.
Can someone please point me a source of the part?
(I am afraid that because it is so old, it may be NLA anywhere)
Thank you
Best regards

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