Re: crushed walnut shells and Tek 500 series scopes


FWIW we tried corn cobs but they were too soft and didn't clean very well
and they also physically broke down *very* quickly and then you had to
clean up the powdery residue.. Corn cobs would clean off the dirt but it
wouldn't take the stains off of the brass. Walnut hulls would make the
brass look like new, inside and out. We threw everything into a cement
tumbler and just let it run night and day for about three days.

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FWIW, My father was a licensed commercial ammunition reloader and he used
ground walnut shells to clean fired brass (in a cement tumbler!).
I reload my own ammunition here. I use ground corn cobs and walnut shells
in a vibratory polisher to clean and polish empty cases. These both do not
erode the base material and leave a beautiful polished finish on the
cases. I also use a very good hand cleaner which contains ground walnut
shells. Easy on the hands and cleans like crazy. There are all sorts of
less aggressive cleaning methods out there.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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