Re: crushed walnut shells and Tek 500 series scopes

Roy Thistle

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 11:28 PM, ditter2 wrote:

sandblasting scopes with crushed with crushed walnut shells
There are different "media" used in "sandblasting booths:" glass beads, silicon carbide, steel shot, aluminum oxide... and walnut shells.
Media usually come in grades... from fine to coarse. You can get walnut shells in 8/12, 30/100 and so on.
Walnut shells are called "soft shot"... but, you can still strip top coat paint with them.
The walnut shells are usually black walnut... of which the U.S. has a great preponderance: black walnut grows wild... and the nut is very hard to crack... so there are lots of them that never get hulled... and can be processed into grit.
Usually the media/shells are mostly blown away inside the booth... for reuse... after it impacts on the item being cleaned. (There is a lot of circulating air, in most booths.)

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