Re: 2465 Ch1 attenuator repair question

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

If you don't pull the knobs, you don't remove the bezel.

I don't think there is enough flex in the bezel to allow
it to bend out of the way of the CH1 and CH2 modules..
But even if there is, it would probably be a sketchy affair.

If you want to remove the knobs without breaking them, use
a pair of needle nosed pliers... whose tips are no bigger
in diameter than 1/32". Position those tips underneath the
knob skirt along a diametrical line parallel with the bezel
edge. Using the bezel edge as the fulcrum, gently pry the
knob off.

I have never broken a knob that way.

-Chuck Harris

Ozan wrote:

One recommendation is not to pull the knobs below CRT during bezel removal (ignore step 5 in A5 removal). Over time plastic becomes brittle and every knob I tried cracked. It turns out the knobs slide off with the bezel just fine. I can send you pictures if this is not clear.

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