Re: 2465 Ch1 attenuator repair question

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

The BNC is held in place by a set screw. It is easy to
fix. The biggest problem is taking it out, as you have to
remove the knobs from below the CRT, the bezel with all of
its screws, and unsolder a couple of parts from the hybrid.

Unfortunately, the set screw is on the side away from the
bottom of the scope, so removal is necessary.

If the connector is intermittent, it is possible that a wire
or solder joint has been broken from the motion.

-Chuck Harris

saipan59 (Pete) wrote:

Hi, On my 2465, the Ch1 BNC is slightly "loose", and the signal is intermittent depending on which way the probe cable/connector tugs on it.
The connector seems to be integral to the A10 attenuator assembly.
Looking at the maint manual, I see and understand (I think) the instructions for removing the Attenuator. But I don't see any details on how the A10 is assembled physically.
SO, my question is: If I go to the trouble to remove A10, is it likely that I can make a repair to tighten up the connector and fix the intermittent connection? Or am I going to need a replacement module?
If appropriate, does anyone have an Attenuator that you can take a picture of (with the cover removed)?


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