2465 Ch1 attenuator repair question

saipan59 (Pete)

Hi, On my 2465, the Ch1 BNC is slightly "loose", and the signal is intermittent depending on which way the probe cable/connector tugs on it.
The connector seems to be integral to the A10 attenuator assembly.
Looking at the maint manual, I see and understand (I think) the instructions for removing the Attenuator. But I don't see any details on how the A10 is assembled physically.
SO, my question is: If I go to the trouble to remove A10, is it likely that I can make a repair to tighten up the connector and fix the intermittent connection? Or am I going to need a replacement module?
If appropriate, does anyone have an Attenuator that you can take a picture of (with the cover removed)?


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