Re: Coketron - the "Real" Story from Peter Keller :) :) :)

Roy Thistle

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 06:28 AM, Tom Lee wrote:

makes me want to go and build one
Not to imply one thinks it is... but, it is not so easy... even if one's institution funds a glass fabrication shop (and many no longer do)... and has a skilled scientific glassblower (Dodos may be rarer.)... and one has a source of electron gun assemblies... and one has available high vacuum technology.
Back then electron gun assemblies (basically, the entire rear end of a CRT: from pins, to electron gun... including a getter... and a nipple for evacuation) ... those assemblies were readily available... although sourcing assemblies with deflection plates for electrostatic deflection would probably have been harder. (... electron gun assemblies for CRTs using electromagnetic deflection were being manufactured in the 10s of millions?... specialty ones for electrostatic deflection, not so much.)
Fabricating a reasonable electron gun assembly would probably be an order of magnitude higher, and probably a project breaker too, for most.
Given one has access to the "men and materials," it is not so easy as chucking up a coke bottle on one end of a glass lathe, and a crt assembly on the other end... and then having a go at it with a double headed torch.
There is a technology of skill, and materials, to making successful glass to glass seals that are sufficiently vacuum tight and sufficiently stress free that the seal lasts.
And what about a phosphor... is the visible cathodoluminescence of soda lime glass alone sufficient, given it is the bottom of a bottle being struck.
But about these things... maybe, we shall see.

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