Tektronix 214 Storage Scope

Carl Hallberg

Hi Group,
Some years ago I got 2 basket case scopes.  The problems involved a leaky diode and bad trigger chip in one and for both I decided to remove the batteries, and not have them internal to the scope.  They had been leaking and I didn't want anymore damage.  The regulator is a shunt type because a series regulator would have a voltage loss across it.  It is good to plug it into the cigar lighter of a car or use a gel cell battery, but no longer uses the internal charging.  I sold one of them to Jon Batters, who I miss on Tekscopes.  Talked to him on the phone couple of times.  Good conversations.  The 214 nice little scope but only 500KHz.

Carl Hallberg (W9CJH)


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