Re: CRT book by Keller

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Originally, the cathode ray tube, was a device to project
"cathode rays" at a phosphor screen... possibly with some
object (Maltese Cross) in between.

As I understand the description of the Coketron, it has something
like one of the ubiquitous 5UP1 gun assemblies in the neck, and
no internal deflection plates.

So, you should be able to focus the beam, and with a magnet do
experiments with magnetic deflection of said beam.

-Chuck Harris

Jeff Dutky wrote:


I actually have the same question as Roy.

There are "CRTs" that merely illuminate the entire face of the tube, and others that have some limited amount of control over the illumination (e.g. the 6E5 tuning eye, or DM160 "Magic-Eye" indicator tubes). It is not clear from the description that the "coketron" was able to scan the beam, or whether it merely caused the end of the tube to illuminate like these Russian ILD3-K tubes (

My copy of Peter Keller's book has not arrived, so I am speaking from a certain depth of ignorance.

-- Jeff Dutky

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