Re: Tektronix 492BP

Thomas S. Knutsen

Start by giving what version no. Your SA gives when starting up. The dip
switches changes between the software versions.

If there is sockets on the front, and the correct cabling inside your SA
has external mixers. There was a different front panel for those without
it, and there is no pushbutton hole nor hole for IF in.
The only strange version is the 75ohm version that has some of the coaxes
inside re-routed and an 75ohm:50ohm transformer with BNC that goes into the
hole where IF input should have been.


tor. 14. jan. 2021 kl. 17:54 skrev Mike Yepes <>:

The only boards with dip switches are the memory board and the vertical
digital storage board. I have no idea which ones supposed to be on or off.

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