Re: 2247A Is this normal?

Tom Lee

Hi Tim,

Have you read the fabulous manual? [Who reads manuals??]

The peak-to-peak function of the voltmeter in the 2247A is spec'd to 25MHz, according to Tek. Try making a measurement within that bandwidth and see what you get.

When it comes to using an instrument you intend to rely on, it's a good idea to study the specs to see where, and where not, it is going to be reliable. That way, you'll know what to expect, and know when there's a real problem.


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On 1/13/2021 09:39, Tim / N8TIM via wrote:
Hello All
I have a 2247a and when I put it in the voltmeter mode and pick Peak to Peak the cursers are not touching the peaks of the wave form. Is this normal or do i need to get the service manual out?,,,20,2,0,0


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