Re: 2mV and 5mV ranges read the same on 2236


On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 01:00 AM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

I did have trouble with another of the trim pots on the sweep/timing board
(R754). I thought I was going to need to replace it, but as soon as I tried
adjusting it it came back to life. I'll try that here too, before start
removing boards and ordering replacements.
Hi Jeff,
The trimmer I was referring to is a flat model with a grey plastic wiper with a metal contact fixed underneath. The plastic part has a shaft, extending through a hole in the ceramic body. Underneath that ceramic body, the protruding part of the shaft at manufacture is molten to a flat disk, forming something like a mushroom causing the metal contact to exert pressure on the resistive trace.
I've seen that flat part broken off on more than one occasion so the wiper is no longer pressed against the ceramic resistive body.


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