Tek 2712 GPIB board

Howard Hoyt

Does anyone have a spare 2712 GPIB board available? I am using a Prologic GPIB to USB converter, and the setup had been working great for a few years. Abruptly it ceased communicating, so I tried a spare Prologic converter, but that did not fix the issue. At that point I assumed a power issue with chassis differential (power spike?) between the PC and 2713 was the culprit. I replaced the two GPIB interface ICs U170 and U370 as well as the dead battery, but I still cannot plot through it. When Plot is pressed I get a No Listener message, even though the PC sees the Proligic, and I know it is good, so I suspect some other GPIB board issue.

I tried ordering a TMS9914A GPIB IC, but the only version available is a really small SMD (I forget the case outline style) which is not pin-for-pin compatible with the much larger one on my board and I don't have time to make an adapter PCB....if that is even the problem I hope someone has a spare board #671-1859-01 to sell?
Thank you for the bandwidth,
Howard Hoyt

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