Re: 485 as a business dependent daily driver?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

And yet, there are folks willing to recalibrate your 2465s
for around $150. Is that really any worse than other repairs?

The NVRAMS seem to last more than 30 years if they are not
cooked to death, or otherwise abused. FRAMS are expected to
last about 140 years.

Given that you will certainly be willing to pay $150 for a
dinner and a movie with your sweetie, ...

I wouldn't calibrate a 485 for less than $350. It is a real
complicated job... when compared to a 2465. Takes easily
twice as long, and when you are done is not nearly as stable,
nor as accurate.

-Chuck Harris

Tom Gardner wrote:

At least the 485 doesn't store any calibration constants in battery backed RAM.

When the battery "suddenly" fails, repair is less than trivial.

On 06/01/21 21:53, Ondrej Pavelka wrote:
That sums it pretty much up, I will pass the 485 to a friend of mine who
doesn't have a scope and keep my eye out on another 2445B or 2465B as a
backup. With rifa smoke bombs replaced and the leaky SMD caps out I will
hopefully not have any of the hybrid chips failing on me if i keep them
cool enough.

On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 2:41 PM Chuck Harris <> wrote:

Nothing can be made 100% reliable as a daily driver, so no,
your 485 might break, and it might need an expensive repair.

If that is your only consideration, go with something new.

The 485 is a nice scope, but with its tiny screen, and lack
of readout and cursor, most would find it tedious to use as
a daily driver.  When the 2465 came out, the 465-485 scopes
disappeared from lab benches very quickly.  We were getting
them in government scrap lots by the ton back then.

-Chuck Harris

Ondrej Pavelka wrote:
Hi folks,

I scored 485 with few missing knobs and very blurry trace. It was for
about $30 so I didn't expect much from it.
I have 2445B as a main scope I rely on for my everyday work as a vintage
audio repair business. I did bump on a few occasions into 200MHz bandwidth
limit of the 2445B and 485 is really tempting with its smaller size and
higher bandwidth.
Would you say if I invest the time and money into the 485 I can bring it
to state where it can be 100% reliable dependable instrument?
Otherwise I will pass it onto a friend who will repair it to have it as
his only scope but if this has the potential to take the place of the 2445B
(as much as I will miss the cursors) ?

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