Re: Tek 466 and a noob's lack of experience...


The 466 is a very nice, fast-storing analog storage 'scope. It's well worth restoring.

Please make sure that brightness (once you get there) isn't too high. These CRT's are much more sensitive to burn-in (may happen within a few seconds) than regular CRT's. It may be a good idea to defocus the trace by setting the focus pot either completely CW or CCW until you watch the screen and have control over it. The image cannot normally become anywhere near as bright as that of a regular 'scope, like its little brother, the 465.

Also, make sure that you put the 'scope in the non-storage mode for fault finding. In essence, it's very much like a regular 465 plus storage, both technically and in operation.

As Keith said, get yourself a Service Manual. Pay attention to the serial number group your 'scope is in. Get it from Artek Manuals (no affiliation) if you can't get a good copy elsewhere.

I wouldn't be surprised if something simple would be wrong, like one of the PS voltages, because of one or more shorted dipped Tantalum caps. Their most common colors are orange/red in these models.

Do *not* adjust any pots until the 'scope is operating and especially, do not re-adjust the internal storage control pots until the non-storage functions are OK.


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