Re: Peter Keller's Book Mailing Status (Minor Correction)

Greg Muir

In this present world of “instant gratification” utilizing electronic means to send messages and documents I do realize that it is somewhat difficult for some people to understand the sloggingly slow process of the US Postal Service. I wanted to make a few comments regarding this.

1. Media mail is expected to be slower than normal mail approaches.
2. The US Postal Service has been crippled by the pandemic, funding, volume and politics.
3. I have recently experienced packages sent via Priority Mail to take over a week to be delivered.
4. Delivery times will vary depending upon the delivery areas and route conditions.
5. I am a patient person.
6. I have plenty of things to read until my book arrives.
7. If I die before it does, I have others who may be interested in receiving it to read.

“Nuff said.


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