Re: Intermittent power on problems with 2465B

Mark Hatch <mark2382@...>


Thanks for the advice! Saw your earlier work on getting the 2018 cap list up dated. Thank you for that work too!

I am going to give the re-cap a try (love the dead fish analogy on those SMD caps!)

Any recommendations on LVPS and A1? I assume I should do both as the caps are the same age. I am sure that you would do both at same time. But as a Tek newbie, I was thinking I would do one, check my work and then go back. Realize there might be some duplicate tear down and re-assembly. Just trying to not juggle too many variables at once.

BTW: are you the 2465b cap reseller on ebay that is located in San Antonio, TX? I can order from digikey, but rather support contributors to the community when possible.



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