Re: Peter Keller's Book Mailing Status (Minor Correction)

Jack Reynolds


You are probably not missing much by not having the tracking information.  USPS tracking has been virtually useless for months.  Since April or May as I recall one simply sees a couple of steps in the shipping process and then a departure from the last station   Then days after days of no further reports since it left Podunk or wherever.  Podunk may be only 150 miles away but no new statuses are reported for days on end.  It is more of a frustration than a help.


On 1/3/2021 9:48 PM, EJP wrote:

Rather than create more work for yourself with tracking, why not just scan the ticket and upload it here so people can find their own tracking numbers? I always like to have this information anyway, not just for overdue mail, so I can track it in and know what day it will arrive.

Just a thought.


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