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I'm sorry I arrive pretty late in the conversation.
There are online tools to identify fonts, with easy yes/no questions. I used one once to find which font was used on Philips instruments (for a Python GUI I designed to control a PM5192 generator). Can't find the site any more though... There are sites where you can upload an image and they find what font is used but I haven't tried them, for example (from a Google search results) :

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On 2020-12-14 9:04 a.m., wrote:
On 2020-12-14 12:17 a.m., Chuck Harris wrote:
I'm pretty sure it is something put together
by Tektronix's graphics department.
Yes, and I don't think it's consistent either; after all, it spanned
several decades. It would probably be possible to find a suitable free
bold, compressed font that resembles it.

Turns out I have considered something suitable for binder spines before:

View/Reply Online (#146250):

I also took a shot of my own shelf with some sample setting:

Of course Fjalla isn't the _same_ font as any of the binders, but the
binders aren't consistent either, so it might help someone get close to
the original look. You could also try horizontal scaling as desired (I
couldn't do that in GIMP?!)



-Chuck Harris

snapdiode via wrote:
Cough, cough... Can someone perhaps identify the font(s) used on the plastic CombBind spines of the manuals?

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