Re: Tek 2465b two probes showing slightly different voltages and phases


We had a 1000-foot spool. Thankfully, the label specified that it was a
single cable with no breaks. RG-59 I think. I do not recall what the prop
delay was, but it was sort of measurable. I recall we used the
highest sweep speed and the sweep mag so I can't vouch for the accuracy,
but it was visible.

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On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 3:05 PM Jean-Paul <> wrote:


I in 2014 did a paper for SMPTE, Belden contributed 100m reels of cables
to the project, both TP and coax of 18 different types.
We ran digital audio signals with rate to 24.576 MHz and looked at atten,
phase dist, etc.
Should have checked the prop delay too!

With 100 m cables, it would have been ~ 328 ns/dielectric prop factor x
1.4 so about 500 ns.


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