Re: I built a TM500 mainframe tester, and updated the design. Someone might find this useful?

Harvey White

Some minor fitting and stuff says that either the TM500 shell will work (best), or the TM5000 shell (likely less available).  I think that the 5000 series scope extrusions are the same width and have the same slots in them (but are likely to require some machining), and the 7000 series scope frames, while too long (and can be cut down), would need more machining.  What you do for latches is up to you.

The TM500 "universal" shells have brackets punched and bent in to support the boards.  They may need to be bent a bit.

The 7000 series have the same basic punches (across the 7000 series), but different holes and spaces.  Some different adjustments need to be made.


On 12/31/2020 7:39 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

Where did you get the extruded aluminum panels for the top and bottom of the unit? Were those reused from another module, or is there some way to get new parts?

-- Jeff Dutky

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