Re: Tek 2465b two probes showing slightly different voltages and phases

Tom Lee


Thanks for updating the info about which channel was leading which -- I was having a tough time contriving a plausible scenario that could've explained Ch2 leading Ch1! So the cable length difference gives you a delay difference that's in the right direction now.

And yes, a pair of well-matched probes is essential if you want to make accurate measurements of this sort.

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On 12/30/2020 22:41, Mark Hatch wrote:

You are right. The second probe is a P6109. And if I switch the probes, both voltage and delay switch too.

I re-looked at the traces and the P6109 (1.5m cable length) is actually leading (despite what I previously said above) It also has the slightly higher peak to peak.

So it sounds like given the two probes I have, I shouldn't be surprised that they differ this much. I actually have a P6137 (the probe that was recommended for this scope) on its way. Sounds like I should consider purchasing a second one and ebay this misc collection of probes I have....



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